8 Books that Created Massive Changes in the Way I Think & Deal with Life

The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go. ― Dr. Seuss

Have you ever had moments in your life when everything changed in an instant? Like, “Boom! I was living a lie all this time.” kind of shift? 

I had. Multiple times, actually. And they happened when I read certain books that blew my mind and introduced me to new wisdom I never knew before. After all, books tend do that right? They make you gasp and question everything.

I’ve read hundreds of books in my entire lifetime, but there are these 8 that I will never remove from my library. These books changed my life and my perspective forever. 

Here are these 8 books and how they changed everything. 

1. The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

Being introduced to The Law of Attraction. 

I know you’ve heard about this book already, but still let me tell you how The Secret awakened my sleeping soul and my best friend’s too. It happened around October 2011, when I was only 17. I and my best friend used to have a routine – chill in her bedroom, talk about how our lives suck, go to the mall nearby, visit the bookstore to find books to save for, window shop for things we couldn’t afford, eat Jamaican patties or McDonald’s, and go home. This has been happening for years. Then, one time, we’re in the middle of talking about how miserable our lives were, when we snapped and had gotten tired because this routine is not helping us in anyway. That day, we made a decision to stop being so depressing, get up, and take positive actions to change our lives.  

We continued the routine and went to the mall with a new hopeful perspective. We don’t have a plan yet how we’re going to start creating our new life, but we have the desire. 

When we arrived at the mall, we headed straight to the bookstore. As we roam the shop, a certain book caught our attention. This book was The Secret. We sat at one of the store chairs and read the first few chapters. Our reactions were like “WTF? Is this true?” We continued reading and it opened our eyes to the truth, it made us realize that we have the power to change our lives, and we’re not at all losers. Turned out we were just losers because we thought we are. That’s why things that happened to losers happened to us – we totally attracted them. We thought their way into our lives. 

Then it hit us. We somehow attracted this book when we made the decision to change. The law of attraction worked for us even before knowing about it. Finding this book was a huge obvious sign from the universe that it’s totally supporting our decision to make a shift. And since then, it has been helping me with everything that I desire in life.

The Secret in summary is about the fundamentals of The Law of Attraction. Probably you’ve read this book already, and could totally relate with me, which would be really awesome. If you haven’t read this book yet, I suggest that you read this immediately so you can start living your life at your own terms. 

  • How the book changed my perspective: From thinking that I was born unlucky and not good enough, it made me aware of the truth that I can have control over my fate. That I no longer have to live a life I hate. That I can create a world where I’m in love with everything in my life.
  • How it changed the way I deal with life: After reading this book, I started living more positively and more mindfully about what I think about. I started watching the words that I speak, the thoughts that I think and the actions I do. I always make sure that I make positive decisions so I could achieve positive results. I also practice gratitude in a more soulful level, and really feel and experience the universe’s abundance around me that I used to take for granted. I started looking at the good side of challenges and trials because surely there’s a gift somewhere there. 
  • What changes took place after reading this book: I’ve been attracting people, things, books, opportunities, seminars, ideas, experiences, and events that would help me unfold the life of my dreams.

2. The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari by Robin Sharma

The Zen Habits

If you don’t know, I used to be a very energetic, impatient, impulsive, undisciplined person. I didn’t know the term chill. I like shouting and dancing when I got the chance. (Might be an Arian thing).  I might be fun at parties, but these attitudes sabotaged how I approached my finances, business, romance, and pretty much everything in life (except going to parties). That’s why when I bought the book The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari and read it, I realized I desperately need to find balance. (Thanks Robin for introducing me to Zen living. I was clueless that such space exists. Hah!)

The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari is another manifesting book, with a touch of Zen approach. There are so many techniques that Robin shared in this book that could be very useful, but what created an impact in me the most is how he emphasized about nourishing your mind, living more mindfully and being present. I totally felt Robin’s high vibe energy just by reading his words.


This book made me inspired to practice meditation – which I declare is the best mindfulness practice ever. I mean, if you’re still not practicing meditation, you’re missing out on a lot of its benefits such as increased focus, increased will power, peace of mind, creativity amplification, gratitude and many many more. 

  • How it changed my perspective:  From thinking that life should always be in a rush, I became a calmer person and realized it’s a much more effective approach.
  • How it changed the way I deal with life: After reading the book, I approached life in a slower but much fuller pace. I started practicing meditation which will later on create huge positive effects in my life. I was able to seek for more balance in my life which will then lead me to it.
  • What changes took place after reading this book: The best thing that happened was, I cultivated resilience. Practicing meditation has created massive impact in my effectiveness in making life decisions.

3. Why Men Love Bitches and 4. Why Men Marry Bitches. by Sherry Argov

Becoming a dream girl.

I long for a great romantic life, so I tried to manifest the relationship of my dreams using the law of attraction. Then one time, a friend handed me a book out of nowhere (thanks universe) and told me to read it. The book was Why Men Marry Bitches. I read it and got hooked that I also bought the prequel of the book which is the Why Men Love Bitches. 

If you’re someone who cannot keep a decent relationship, cannot crack the code of your man, and thinks communicating with a man seems like an impossible thing, these books will teach you so much. They taught me so many things like how men approach relationships and how men think, because apparently, they are born from Mars. These books also taught me how to love and respect myself even more, so that I will not attract men in my life who will treat me badly.

  • How these books changed my perspective: It made me realize what I did that made my past relationship not workout, and work on myself so that I won’t make the mistakes again. It made me realize that the first step to finding true love is to stop being the super nice girl that I use to be, and start focusing on my own journey building my self-worth, and loving myself.
  • How they changed the way I deal with life: I started thinking like a dreamgirl. I no longer allow men in my life whose intentions are only selfish. I became wiser and able to distinguish the douchebags from the great guys.
  • What changes took place after reading these 2 books: I was no longer anxious in finding love. I just focused on chasing after my dreams. Then I found myself being pursued by men, dated a lot of them to see who among them is the man of my dreams, until I finally found him. I’m now happily married to my true love. Thanks, Sherry!

5. The Success Principles by Jack Canfield

Achieving success. 

If you want success – whatever success’ meaning is for you – this book is what you need. 

I read this book because I was looking for answers. I have big dreams and I want to achieve them. What I read here really helped me get closer to those dreams. 

Whether you’re someone who has 0% idea on what to do with her life or someone who has a clear path to pursue, this book will help you.

So what’s this book about? The title pretty much explains it. This book is about the principles you need to apply in your life for you to achieve success. That simple. 

What I love about this book is how clear these principles are – just try them and see them work. This is another law of attraction book,  with many actionable tasks to do. (I suggest that you keep reading about law of attraction books because they suggest different things, so that you can find what techniques work for you. Every one’s different.) This book has loads of information – with 67 principles – for you to apply and see what works. As for me, half of these principles worked, while half I don’t practice simply because I found better approaches from other books like The 4-hour Workweek, the next book in this list that I’m gonna be talking about. 

  • How it changed my perspective: From being clueless about what to do in achieving succes, I was made aware of many principles that I could apply, and a lot of them worked for me. 
  • How it changed the way I deal with life: I was able to adapt many principles in this book, such as taking 100% full responsibility for my life, rejecting rejections, removing complaining and blaming from my system, visualization. persistence and many more.
  • What changes took place after reading this book: Action. And smarter ones. I started pursuing more experiences that will lead me to win or fail – which is still winning since failures allow me to unlock new wisdom and lessons from them.

6. The 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss

The best business book ever.

I’ve always wanted to create my own business and work for myself. The thing is, I’m lazy, have my own rules and care for my freedom the most. That’s why when I saw this book’s cover at a bookstore, I immediately bought it. 

The 4-hour Workweek is one of those books that lives by its cover title promise and does not disappoint. It will not only change how you approach business, but also how you approach life in general. This is my second most favorite book ever. It made my life easier, more fun, and most importantly, more free. 

This book will help you pursue a life where you can totally earn more money than you used to earn, while working less hours. Too good to be true? I thought so too, until I experienced it myself. Tim Ferriss is a freaking genius. Ask every successful online entrepreneur, and she’ll surely agree.

  • How it changed my perspective: I used to believe that in order to make it in business, you have to be this stereotype of an entrepreneur who’s stiff, serious, busy and exhausted all the time. But thanks to Tim’s revelations, it doesn’t have to be that way. It made me realize that I can achieve financial freedom without compromising balance in my life. It made me realize that I can be wealthy, and also have time for the fun stuff.
  • How it changed the way I deal with life: I started focusing on making money online. Now, I’m using the 80-20 rule when making decisions in all areas of my life to save myself energy, time and money.
  • What changes took place after reading this book: It helped me conceptualize 2 online companies that will let me achieve the time and financial freedom I crave for. I recently manifested these concepts by the help of the book Get Rich, Lucky Bitch, which I will talk about in a second. Yup. Running two businesses as we speak and still have the balance to do the fun things life has to offer. Also, I’m now very effective in everything I do, which I love.

7. Get Rich, Lucky Bitch! by Denise Duffield-Thomas

My most favorite book of all. The most practical and most effective law of attraction/money manifesting book ever. 

I’ll give you one of the many reasons why this is my most favorite book ever: DENISE’S PRACTICAL MANIFESTING FORMULA WORKS. What does that mean? It means that by reading this book, I’ve manifested hundreds of thousands of money, freebies, raffle wins, and all sorts of abundance.  This book is the best $9.99 I’ve ever invested in my life. 

I’ve known the law of attraction since 2011 and been researching about it since. I’ve read so many books that share information and techniques about it, yet it’s only in 2017, when I read Get Rich, Lucky Bitch!, that I experience my biggest manifestations. Seriously, the time I read this book and practiced the formula, I manifested $100 worth of facial treatment the very same day, and that’s just by entering a mall. Abundance is suddenly attracted to me. Since reading this book, there’s no more going back to zero, being clueless about what to do next, or figuring out why the law of attraction suddenly stopped working. Now, it’s only more of upgrades every time I hit a new income ceiling. 

What’s in this book that could change your life? You will read here Denise’s 5-step manifesting formula that will lead you to the universe’s abundance. Really, practical and very easy! You can apply these techniques not only in your finances, but also in other areas of your life.

You’ll also love Denise’s authenticity and no-BS approach. You can totally feel her purest intentions to help you release your resistance to wealth and abundance. She’s a lovely woman. Know more about her here.

  • How the book changed my perspective: It made me realize the things I’m doing or not doing that is making the law of attraction not work for me at all times. It also sank in that manifesting my dreams is TRULY simple and 101% possible no matter how big they are. It doesn’t have to be complicated and soul-sucking. It can be totally fun and according to your terms.
  • How it changed the way I deal with life: I no longer stress about money. I no longer feel lack. I no longer keep stuff that doesn’t contribute to achieving my dreams. I no longer accept anything that lowers my self-worth. I no longer have to work too hard to earn money. I’ve become more grateful and appreciative for all the abundance around me. My eyes are all-seeing of the universe’s blessings. I no longer have to guess what I’ve done wrong in using the law of attraction. Life is suddenly so great.
  • What changes took place after reading this book: From being jobless and depressed, I manifested two online companies that were only in my head. I also received a business investment to one of these companies. I’m constantly winning contests, raffle draws, and receiving gifts. I’m currently upgrading my income and everything in my life. I’m working towards experiencing the best things in life. I’m a certified lucky B!

8. You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay

Healing your life.

I’m a daughter of a recovering drug addict. Because of my father’s past wrong life decisions, my family got bankrupt and we lost everything. Countless unfortunate things happened to me after that, like the guy I loved broke my heart, some of my friends became assholes and I stopped going to school. I was in rock bottom deep. It’s not an easy road, and since I’m the type who holds back her emotions and feelings, I wasn’t aware that I was already accumulating hate and anger inside me. In time, the unexpressed emotions eventually overflowed and turned into resentment and bitterness. I turned into this dark person and forgot who I used to be.

Luckily, I made a promise to just have faith and not give up, and the universe never left me. I was able to survive because of the energy the universe flowed through me. It also sent me resources I needed to help me deal with my pains. He send me this book by Louise Hay in particular, and healing began.

You Can Heal Your Life is a self-love bible that will help you love yourself and understand the world around you in a deeper level.

  • How it changed my perspective: This book totally changed how I look at other people. Because of this book, I made a conscious decision to no longer judge people. I only try to understand, and empathize. It also taught me to practice forgiveness because forgiveness is the simple yet most powerful thing one can do to release all the pain that’s blocking us from freedom, and start the process of healing. I realized that I deserve to heal.
  • How it changed the way I deal with life: I started breathing forgiveness. I realized that as I continue journeying to life, I will continue to hurt. The only way for me to live a great life is to be healed, and I’m healing whenever I forgive.
  • What changes took place after reading this book: I became so much happier. I realized that the huge thing that’s making me miserable is holding so much pain inside my heart. These hurts that I’m keeping is holding me back from experiencing happiness. Once I started releasing them, I felt a sense of joy and peace.

So far, there are only 8 books that shook my world. I’m 25 years old, and I’m pretty sure I’ll discover new books that will help unlock my infinite potential. I’m just really happy to share them with you guys, and hope that they change your life too. 


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