Abby Lawson

Home Blogger

She’ll help you with: organizing and decorating your home. She’ll also help you how to create a profitable blog.

Business: Just a Girl and Her Blog 

Tagline: I love working to create a beautiful, thriving home, life and business and helping others do the same.

Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Known for: her organizing and home decorating tips.

Category:  Lifestyle, Home


Abby Lawson loves working to create a beautiful, thriving home, life and business. She writes and teaches about decorating and organizing homes, and also how to create a profitable blog from scratch. She runs her blogging business alongside her husband Donnie, and they have 2 adorable boys, Connor and Caleb.


The Paperless Home


  • How to navigate through Evernote, the ideal paperless lifestyle digital filing cabinet
  • How to select and configure the scanner that is right for you
  • How to organize your digital information so that you can instantly retrieve any document at any time, from anywhere
  • How to declutter your home with my great purge process
  • How to implement a simple paperless workflow that will save you hours every week


Building a Framework

I have talked to so many people who have said to me, “I want to start a blog, but there is just so much to learn! I don’t even know where to start!” And quite honestly, I don’t blame them for feeling that way! That is exactly how I felt when I first got started. 

I so wished I had some sort of guide book or mentor to teach me the best practices for each area of blogging so I didn’t have to do it all by trial and error (which was taking forever)! As hard as I looked, though, I couldn’t seem to find a resource that had everything all in one place, so after I had been blogging for awhile, I decided to create one myself, and Building a Framework: The Ultimate Blogging Handbookwas born.

You don’t have start your blog alone.

My goal with Building a Framework was not to throw out a bunch of blogging theories but to single out the best, most effective strategies that will help new bloggers take tangible action steps toward starting and building a better blog, creating a stronger framework for their online business.

Not only is Framework packed full of tried-and-true methods that you can start using today, but all of the information is laid out in a logical way that will take new bloggers and bloggers-to-be through the process of growing successful blogs one step at a time.

Book Boss

  • Quickly validate your eBook idea before you spend hours and hours writing.
  • Match your audience’s unique needs to a specific solution.
  • Use words and phrases that resonate with your audience (instead of talking over their head).
  • Start with a solid foundation of a strategic launch plan and build from there.
  • Favor more specific and actionable topics over broad and general.
  • Build buzz and early interest the right way to ensure sales when the cart opens.
  • Use the eBook launch as a strategic way to build a highly engaged email list full of readers who want to learn more from you.
  • Realize that sales copy, presentation, and a strategic launch plan will have a major impact on your success.
  • Treat your eBook as a business asset and market the book on autopilot to its fullest potential.


Simplify 2018

Simplify is a collection of more than 35 types of printables to help you get organized, totaling over 100 printable pages! (Well, 200 if you count both sides!) Simplify focuses on the areas of life that seem the craziest and works to organize them and make them more manageable. Grab your printables now.

The Intentional Life Planner 2018

What if instead of just trying to attend to the emergency of the moment, we could be more intentional about the way we spend our time? What if we could waste less time, accomplish more, and get out of the busy-ness rut? The Intentional Life Planner is designed to help you do just that.

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