Get Rich, Lucky Bitch! by Denise Duffield-Thomas: A Book Review

If I have to pick a money mindset mentor, I’d definitely choose Denise Duffield-Thomas a.k.a. the Lucky Bitch. Let me share with you why.

Months ago, it was my ultimate dream to travel the world. We all know that this dream can be extremely expensive. Thing was, I was jobless, had 0 penny in my bank account and had a my-dad-is-a-drug-addict-and-I-don’t-know-what-to-do-about-it kind of depression. I had an online business idea in mind that could change my reality, but I have no money to even buy cheap hosting and domain to start my business with. All I have then was the internet, and my desire to manifest this business idea.

I started researching about the online business industry, thinking, maybe I can use what I have at the moment, while waiting for an opportunity to come. As I was in the middle of researching digital marketing tips, I ended up watching a YouTube video of the Mariah Coz. In the video, she mentioned this certain book she’s reading that she really liked, titled Get Rich, Lucky Bitch. I got really curious about the title, and because I trust Mariah Coz so much, I decided to give the book a look. Little did I know, I was about to read the book that will change my life.

I found the book on Amazon, found out that it was written by a woman named Denise Duffield-Thomas, a.k.a. the Lucky Bitch, and decided to read the free chapters of the book. I got immediately hooked, that I actually borrowed money from my boyfriend-then-now-husband, bought it, and started applying Denise’s techniques into my life.

I’ve read lots of books in my life, and some of these books, I put in a special place in my library, because they had created a huge impact in my life. This book by Denise is one of them.

This charming Australian boss babe changed my life.

I’m a big believer of the law of attraction, but after researching so much about it, I still find myself confused when things don’t seem to work out. If you’re like me, Get Rich, Lucky Bitch is the book that you need to read. This book will teach you simple, practical & specific techniques to make the law of attraction work to manifest the life of your dreams.

The book is specifically targeted for females, because of the heavy female psychology of the book, and it shows us as women, what patterns sabotages our relationships with money.

There’s so many things I love about this book, and one of the major ones is that Denise’s techniques REALLY WORK. Her tips are simple, easy and practical. It works so much that in the first month of applying the techniques, I had manifested these things:

  1. A friend who funded the online business I have in mind. (Note that I didn’t tell her about the business idea. We were simply hanging out, and she told me that she was thinking of a business idea and that she’s willing to partner up with someone who does have an idea. And that someone, apparently, was me.) 
  2. A free conference ticket to a leadership seminar given to me by a batchmate.
  3. A $120 worth of free buffet dinner to a luxurious hotel that I won from the raffle at the leadership seminar, out of 1,000 other people who were in there. (Lucky bitch, eh?) 
  4. A free facial treatment worth $100 given to me as I entered a mall. (Like, seriously?)   
  5. An additional business investment for the business worth $6,000. The investor was my aunt who literally chatted me up out of nowhere. (I mean, that’s $6,000 out of nowhere.)

Another thing that I love about the book is that, it was so targeted to women, that every issue that I have as a woman was validated and resolved. It resolved all feminine issues I had that no other male-written manifesting book ever had. Denise made me feel like I was talking to a best friend/fairy godmother who totally gets me and is there to help me resolve my money issues. 

In this book, you’ll also be surprised to know innocent stuff that you do on a daily basis that actually sabotages your relationship with money. So many A-HA moments await you.

Denise herself is one more reason you should read this book. This Australian woman’s no-BS approach and her purest intentions to help women around the world to deal with their money blocks is what you need from a money mindset mentor. You can stalk her here.

As for me, I’m still doing the techniques and working my way towards my dreams. I’ve upgraded a lot of things in my life in a short span of time, and now I’m currently focusing all of my energy working towards creating the channels where my upcoming money will flow (a.k.a. my businesses – yes, I manifested 2 businesses as we speak, thank you, Denise), so that I can join her Money Bootcamp, heal my dad and my family, and travel the world!! I’m beyond grateful for Denise!

I really recommend this book, for all the women out there because I believe that every woman deserves to live a first class life. This is specially perfect, if you’re someone who wants to resolve her money issues but don’t know how. With all the knowledge in this book, you’ll be able to release what’s holding you back from the income that you want, and live the life of your dreams. Like seriously, you NEED this book. You need Denise in your life, woman. You can thank me later. 

My rating for this book:

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