You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay: A Book Review

She grew up in a family with an abusive step-father. At age 5, she was raped by their neighbor. At 15, she dropped out of her university, and got pregnant. At 16, she gave birth and had given her daughter up for adoption. At 52 she had incurable cervical cancer. Yet, despite all these unfortunate events, Louise Hay healed from her illness and her past, and is now considered the mother of the self-help revolution. The legendary woman passed away in 2017, yet she’s still changing millions of people’s lives through her works. 

I had bought my copy of You Can Heal Your Life years ago, but I didn’t read it immediately. I guess I just wasn’t ready for the words of this book at that time. Then one day, in the middle of all the chaos in our household, I found the book, read it, and healed my life with it.

You Can Heal Your Life is one of those books that you must read even once in your lifetime, for the reason that it’ll open you to a life of healing and possibilities. Whether you experienced traumatizing events or just small difficulties of everyday, this book will help you deal with life’s challenges.

There are so many things I learned from this book. One major revelation that blew me away is the fact that we can manifest illnesses in our body by holding negative emotions like resentment, fear, guilt and shame. No wonder, whenever I feel overwhelmed with fear and anxiety, I would often have a cold or cough. Or I would experience back pain when I was struggling financially. And being aware helped me so much in dealing with my real issues.

In the past, I healed from my trauma by reading this book. I was a daughter of a drug addict, and if by any chance you’re like me too, you know how hell-ish the situation could be. You can heal your life not only helped me heal, and let go of all my negative emotions, but also helped me understand and forgive my father, and all the people who had hurt me in the past. I cried so hard while reading this book. It revealed to me how broken I really was, how broken my parents really were, and how we have the power to change our reality. This book helped me become a more hopeful, forgiving, responsible, and loving person. It helped me rise up in different scenarios of my life where I experienced heartaches, betrayals, and brokenness.  

Another thing you’ll encounter in this book is the List. The List is a section of the book where certain ailments in the body are listed, and what emotional issue had possibly caused them. I love this part of the book because I can simply go to this chapter whenever I’m feeling something in my body, just to check what’s up with me, because sometimes, I don’t really know what’s happening to me subconsciously (are you like me too?). My guess is, I was blocking out the emotions. 95% of the time, my physical issues were caused by my emotional condition.  I remember a certain time in the past when my parents were screaming at each other for the thousandth time because my dad just got home from one of his “sessions”. That time, I felt like I’m going to explode from pain, anger and resentment. Because I couldn’t bear the situation any longer, I left home, lived on my own, and started working to survive. One day after work, I found my left foot with eczema not knowing what caused it. Later on I found out from Louise’s book that eczema is caused by mental eruptions. I was relieved to know what caused this skin condition, because it means I can do something to heal it. I started forgiving my parents and heal myself from the past, and my eczema began to heal. 

This book is so amazing, that it surprised me how some people could say negative stuff about it. There were so many testimonies to prove that Louise Hay’s teachings work, including my own. In my own opinion, these people reacted negatively, perhaps because they don’t completely understand the message of the book yet. Perhaps, they’re resisting it. Maybe they weren’t ready for this book yet. It isn’t their time to read the words.  

I believe that everyone must read this book, whether your life is as catastrophic as Louise’s or not. We are susceptible to sufferings as long as we are alive, and this book will help you not only in dealing with your life’s difficulties, but also help you understand other suffering people around you. You deserve to be healed, and I believe that if you heal, the people around you heals with you too.

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